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Hypnotherapy Beaumont CA Jo Ann Galla

Hypnotherapist in Beaumont CA ~ Jo Ann Galla

Jo Ann Galla is certified by the ICBCH and the Fellowship of Christian Hypnotists.  She has more than 30 years experience as a professional hypnotherapist.  Being a second generation hypnotist in a line of three, she follows her father, Dr. Joseph O’Connor, who founded the San Clemente Hypnosis Center.  He encouraged and trained her; while her son, Dennis Clark, has followed in her footsteps!  Dennis is a hypnotherapist in Providence, Rhode Island.

Jo Ann has successfully hypnotized thousands of people over the years and prefers to teach others how to hypnotize themselves.  This way they can each hypnotize themselves for anything that may pop-up in their lives, and they can train themselves to give others around them positive and encouraging suggestions.  You can learn both, great parenting techniques and management techniques as well.

Jo Ann will encourage you to “know thyself,” to accept that you have been created to be a wonderful human being who can accomplish the goals that you set for yourself through the aid of hypnotherapy.     She is a graduate of Mira Costa College with emphasis on behavior modification so she can help you make the positive changes you want.

She has learned that hypnotherapy is a valuable tool which she can teach you to use to help you become the best person you can be!   She can teach you to free yourself of addictions:  drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or/and foods.  She can help you learn to change your depressive thinking where you may have trapped yourself into believing that you have no choices other than bad ones!  Jo Ann invites you to learn through the tool of hypnotherapy  to free yourself from depression and give yourself choices for a more positive future.

Jo Ann Galla has been a competitive tennis player and specializes in sports psychology.  She can help you improve your golf game, card game, baseball, football, and other sports!  She has raised three very successful children and can teach you to use hypnotherapy to help your children to achieve their goals.

Jo Ann Galla loves to write and has authored the book, “My Dearest Shah,” which you can purchase on Amazon.com, or if you prefer an autographed copy, please, ask for one when you come to her office to be hypnotized.  She has also written the booklet, “Hypnosis Defined by a Christian Hypnotist,” which she will give you along with a self-hypnosis CD upon your completion of your 3rd private session.

Jo Ann is a strong believer in Jesus, the loving God, and has devoted her life to helping all peoples with love and kindness.  She feels the tool of hypnotherapy is a valuable means to accomplishing her goal to create world peace one person at a time!

Looking for peace?  Looking for more control in your life?  Looking for love and acceptance?  Please call Jo Ann Galla C.H. now to begin your new lifestyle!  (951) 797-4001